Choose Amuheat Mirror Demisters for fog free mirrors. As loved by 1000’s of people Australia wide.

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Amuheat Mirror Demisters work to keep mirrors in misty bathrooms fog free.

Say goodbye to foggy mirrors with Mirror Demisters

Amuheat Mirror Demisters work to keep mirrors in misty bathrooms fog free.

Imagine no more waiting for mist to clear before being able to use you mirror! Or imagine mirrors clean and clear of streek marks from being wiped down in misty bathrooms.

Inexpensive luxury bathroom inclusion

Amuheat Mirror Defoggers are an inexpensive bathroom inclusion. They connect to your dual zone floor heating thermostat, or to your bathroom power, light or fan switch.

Mirror Demisters demist mirrors within 1-2 minutes from being switched on. And they cost very little to use, as little as a single 40W light bulb.

Mirror Defoggers are an inexpensive bathroom inclusion
Installing the Mirror Heating Pad is easy.

Easy to Install

The Mirror Heating Pad design produces an even heat across the mirror surface. And offers maintenance free operation.

Installing the Mirror Demister heating pad is easy. Simply remove the backing paper from the the self-adhesive Mirror Heating Pad. Then stick the mirror demister to the back of the mirror. Your electrician is then able to connects the mirror demister to power.

Durable & Maintenance Free

Moisture proof and hidden from view and direct touch. Mirror Demister heating pads pads supplied with 1 Year product warranty

Mirror Demisters are supplied with a 2 Year product warranty

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The following Mirror Demister heater sizes are in stock and available for immediate delivery:

  • 600mm x 400mm
  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 600mm x 800mm
  • 600mm x 1200mm

Mirror Demister Model

If you have a tender enquiry, custom size or large volume project we ca manufacture and supply custom size mirror demisters to suit. Call us in (02) 9114 6934 for more information.

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