How do Amuheat mirror demisters work?

Amuheat Mirror Demister’s work by ensuring the mirror is at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature of the bathroom.

The 1mm thick self adhesive mirror heater pad bonds to the back of the mirror by removing the backing paper and gently smoothing the mirror heater onto the rear of the mirror.

The mirror demister is normally powered by a 230V connection to your bathroom light circuit, ventilation fan or together with your floor heating system and heated towel rail using the Amuheat dual zone thermostat and timer controller. When the bathroom light is switched ON (or fan or programmable controller) the mirror will warm up and keep it clear of mist and fog while the bathroom is in use.

Mirror Demister Installation

  • Mark out the back of the mirror to indicate where the mirror demisting pad is to be fitted and peel off the protective paper exposing the ‘sticky’ side of the mirror demister
  • Position one edge of the mirror demister pad in the desired position on the keeping the other edge away from the mirror
  • Gradually lower the pad onto the mirror applying even pressure to ensure there are no air bubbles or creases
  • If the mirror is not framed & is being fitted directly onto the wall, a small recess will need to be made in the wall to compensate for this & allow the mirror to sit flush.

Electrical Connections

All wiring must conform to the ASNZ3000 wiring regulations ( BS7671 equivalent)

  • It is recommended that the mirror demister is connected via the lighting/ventilation circuit or on a separate switch
  • The circuit should be protected by a RCD circuit
  • The wires are coloured as follows: BLUE – Neutral, and BROWN – Live/positive
  • The Mirror Demister pad must not be accessible once installed
  • Any metal part surrounding the mirror must be earthed & comply with current wiring regulations
  • Multiple mirror demisters may be fitted to a single mirror & should be connected in parallel – pads must not overlap
  • The mirror demister pad must not be cut or pierced as this may damage the insulation making it unsafe

Frequently asked questions

Can mirror demister be connected to the light switch?

Yes. It can be connected to a dedicated switch, or to the rooms light/ventilation switch or through Amuheat’s dual zone controller for floor heating and mirror demister control.

Can the mirror demister be cut to size?

No, as this will damage the insulation rendering it dangerous.

How much of the mirror should the mirror demister cover?

This depends on what how much of the mirror you want clear of fog.

Is a transformer required?

A transformer is only required for 12 Volt models.

Can more than one mirror demister be fitted to a mirror?

Yes. The electrical connections should be connected in parallel to mains 230V power by your electrician.

What adhesive should be used to bond the mirror to the wall?

Please check with your adhesive supplier for the suitability of adhesives used heated surfaces. Solvent free adhesives are recommended.

Can demisters be used with a dimmer switch?


What thickness of mirror can be used?

As glass is a good conductor of heat demisters is suitable for use with any normal thickness of mirror.

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